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Standard Course

General English

  General English courses aim to improve the overall English level of participants in an interactive and communicative environmentEach course helps develop the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is accompanied by regular grammar input, vocabulary building, and pronunciation activities.

  The courses are based on communicative methodology, and each lesson is focused on improving both fluency as well as language accuracy.


Learning is supported by an international course book, dealing with topics related to real life and learners’ current language needs.           As learners make progress on the course, this is tracked through mid-course and end of course assessments with feedback from the teacher

Business English

For professionals who need the linguistic tools to interact effectively in a business environment. 

Your lessons focus on speaking, simulations and using English in the workplace, guided by a native English teacher who helps you improve your fluency and comprehension. You also benefit from their corporate experience to work on your Business English and communication skills

Each lesson focuses on practical application, with simulations and real examples of language from professional life. Naturally, set in a context that is as close as possible to your work environment.


Our methodology ensures a balance of activities and exercises to develop language structure, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as key skills. Both in-house and published materials are used, and teachers provide expert guidance and tools that participants can transfer easily to their everyday work.

Tailored Course

Hr managers can select from a menu of courses what matters most to their organization. Every corporate training proposal goes through a stage of tailoring, where the emplyers goes through the content of each course and contribute to the selection of case studies and suggest additions or missions to the syllabus based on their organisational needs. Brand new courses can be created exclusively for an organisation

led by HR needs

  • Tailored to organisation's training needs.

  • Specialist language for different sectors and industries.

  • Excellent results and improved confidence.

english for specific purpose

Focus on developing English communication skills in a specific area, such as finance, marketing, management, human resources, engineering and oil and gas,Aviation, Automotive, Finance, Insurance, Law, Marketing, Medical and Military. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Emphasis is given to the language and communication requirements in a particular professional field. This field specific language communication training enables participants to master relevant communication and professional skills and, in so doing, meet the needs of industry locally and internationally.

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